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Style watch: how to funk up winter quarter


The ‘90s are back

The winter is a hard time to be stylish, but Kelly Brady, a fourth-year communication and psychology double major, makes it look easy. She effortlessly looks like a ‘90s cool kid with her bright, mixed colors against the backdrop of a gloomy day. Her love for thrifting can be seen through almost her entire outfit, making shopping on a budget seem totally doable.


ASW: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Brady: I get my inspiration largely from music artists. More specifically, I love Sza, Rihanna, Aaliyah. I try to emulate their looks. Besides looking at artists, I find it through Instagram and fashion magazines. I love flipping through Vogue and Instyle. I also get inspiration from my Mom: I love her ‘80s East Coast style, and she lets me wear her vintage Coach purses.


ASW: What is your go-to outfit at the moment?

Brady: I’m really into baggy jeans and crop tops. I have these Fila sneakers that are really chunky and ‘90s that I would wear with that. I really enjoy dressing in ‘90s-style clothing.


ASW: Can you describe your style?

Brady: I love color-coordinating my outfits. For example, if my jeans have a specific color stitching on the side, I try to match the rest of my outfit to it. I’ve been trying to play with patterns recently. I layer a lot because it’s cold up here. I do a lot of trial and error, and I get inspiration from all the diverse people in Davis. I really like Korean fashion, which was influenced by black culture here in the United States.


ASW: When did you first get into fashion?

Brady: Probably in 5th grade when I changed schools and wanted to be different and stand out. That was when I first started to care about my style. I got more into fashion in middle school. My fashion sense has evolved and since coming to college; it’s always changing.


ASW: What is your biggest fashion regret?

Brady: I would wear leggings under my dresses. Looking back on it, it was not cute. A big mistake.


ASW: Where do you like to shop?

Brady: I love Urban Outfitters and Topshop, as well as thrift shopping. My favorite places to thrift are Wasteland and Goodwill.


ASW: Where did you get your outfit from?

Brady: I got my Jacket from Goodwill — actually, my brother got it for me. My shirt is American Apparel, my belt is from a thrift store and my jeans were passed down to me by a friend who cut them after getting them from a thrift store. My socks are Fila and my shoes are Vans.


ASW: What is the significance of your bracelet?

Brady: My family is from the U.S. Virgin Islands, and this is a Sonya bracelet — it’s a hook bracelet made from silver and gold. Basically the fable is that a mermaid met a sailor on an island. You wear it open or out when you are single and you wear the hook facing you when you are married, showing you are hooked. I never take mine off.


Written by: CaraJoy Kleinrock — arts@theaggie.org


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