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Davis, California

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Police Logs


What a week

Jan. 13

“Subjects broke reporting party’s porchlight.”

“Intoxicated male knocking on doors in common area.”


Jan. 14

“Male was trying to get in at the front door, now appears to be passed out.”

“Arriving home to find the front door unlocked, required unit to check interior, unknown if roommate home — not getting a response.”
“Complaint of tent set up in the middle of the bike tunnel.”


Jan. 15

“Female who is being discharged trying to fight staff in the ER.”


Jan. 16

“Fenceline next to business, subjects starting a campfire.”

Jan. 17

“Dog in parking lot — large in size and intimidating.”

“Aggressive solicitor — demanded money from the reporting party, stated it was for his family.”


Jan. 18

“East training room — movement and whistling heard in background.”

“Reporting party here to turn in bow and arrows.”


Jan. 19

“Male wearing red ski mask driving slowly through the neighborhood.”

“Transient male currently in the laundry room — unknown what he is doing in there — reporting party advised ongoing problem and requested officer advise subject to move along.”

“Large pile of nails in the roadway.”



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