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A Valentine’s Playlist


Songs for the hopeless romantic

Valentine’s Day, or singles awareness day, frequently evokes one of two emotions: infatuating bliss or resentment. Despite the array of pressures that arise with this Hallmark holiday, both single people and couples can enjoy the sentiments of a love song.


Tennis, “Diamond Rings”

The ‘80s-esque indie pop duo from Denver, Colorado released its newest album, “Yours Conditionally,” under its own label in spring of 2017 followed by an EP called “We Can Die Happy” in response to the album’s success. The EP describes the emotions of the duo’s musical journey, celebrates its achievements and describes Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley’s marriage. “Diamond Rings” takes on a new sound for Tennis and is perfect for Valentine’s Day.


Phoenix, “Fior Di Latte”

After recording for two years, Phoenix finally released its sixth album this past summer. Considered an optimistic album in times of terror, “Ti Amo” became an accidental political statement on the Paris attacks. “Fior Di Latte,” as well as the rest of the album, was inspired by gelato, passion and desire. Lead singer Thomas Mars aimed to create a hyper-romantic piece, illustrating his fantasy version of Italy and the band’s European culture. “Fior Di Latte” and other tracks like “Tutti Frutti” are sweet enough to fulfill your chocolate cravings.


Electric Guest, “Waves”

“Waves” expresses conflicts that will inevitably ensue a “21 months”-long commitment. Although not the most picturesque depiction of a relationship, the song’s fast-paced rhythm, cheery beats and retro vibes will have you thinking otherwise. Even with the ebbs and flows in the relationship, the lyrics conclude that it’s hard to give up on it.   


The Lemon Twigs, “I Wanna Prove to You”

“I Wanna Prove to You” is about someone trying to convince a prospective lover to share their same longing to be together. The music video’s director, Nick Roney, makes a comment at the end saying, “My experience with The Twigs and my grandparents showed me that love is for desperate people who can’t get by on their own. Perhaps it’s best to cherish loved ones only briefly. After all, isn’t life one big lesson on letting go?” Sometimes Valentine’s Day can make you feel more alone, which makes this song simply relatable.


She & Him, “Stay Awhile”

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s cover of “Stay Awhile” on their album “Classics” resembles the Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” where the singer begs their partner to stick around a bit longer. This rendition is softer than Dusty Springfield’s original that was released in 1964 and is downright lovey-dovey.


The Beach Boys, “God Only Knows (Mono Mix/Live/1967)”

Although “God Only Knows” doesn’t necessarily describe a romantic love, this version is slowed down just enough to make it perfect for slow-dancing. Regardless, it’s still a good song to listen to whether you’re single or in a relationship.


Written by: Becky Lee arts@theaggie.org



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