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Davis, California

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Police Logs


You don’t see (or hear) that every day

Jan. 20

“Male stealing recyclables, has child in stroller with him screaming.”


Jan. 21

“Approximately 30 people with people spilling out of the unit into the walkway.”

“Unknown subject shining flashlight into living room window on the east side, reporting party looked out and saw a subject with short hair across the street, subject is doing it to other apartments as well, requesting area check.”

Jan. 22

“Intoxicated female laying on the grass near the bus stop.”


Jan. 24

“Knock heard on downstairs back sliding glass door, reporting party went to check but didn’t see anyone outside.”


Jan. 25

“Occurred 30 minutes ago — male came into the clinic and was refused service due to him being rude to employees — male then threatened to burn down the building after being asked to leave — reporting party advised subject is no longer on site and unknown if he left in vehicle or on foot.”

“Customer inside location yelling at other customers and slamming doors, claiming he has a pistol in his bag.”


Jan. 28

“In the intersection, sinkhole next to manhole — 8 inches wide by 2 feet deep.”


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