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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Police Logs


Why did the dog cross the road?

Feb. 3

“Elderly male disoriented — thinks another subject at the facility is having an emergency.”

“Male just smashed out reporting party’s neighbor’s apartment window.”


Feb. 7

“Newer model Volkswagen beetle driving in the wrong direction. Vehicle was driving eastbound in westbound traffic on Covell.”

“Male transient on the ground floor near the elevator with three bicycles — reporting party advised subject appeared to be smoking something.”

“Skunk stuck between reporting party’s decorative fence and city/county fence in his backyard and appears to be in distress — has been there possibly overnight.”

“Reporting party received a package addressed to her but does not know the sender. The package contained a pillow wrapped in plastic and was sent from China. Reporting party concerned as she does not know the sender and wants advise on how to proceed.”


Feb. 8

“Vehicle circling the straight with subject standing up out of the sunroof — vehicle is a silver four-door sedan, unknown license plate.”


Feb. 9

“Secondhand information from Yolo — dog with collar crossed roadway.”


Feb. 12

“White panel van — lock and door handles missing — reporting party believes vehicle may be stolen.”



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