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Style watch: earthy tones and functionality reign


Casual fashion proves most important for students

After the two-week bliss of 70-degree weather — in the middle of what is usually a cold Davis winter — came to an end, students made their way back to the warmth and comfort of their winter wardrobes. If any fashion lesson is to be learned, coziness is key. This can be achieved by the minimalist maxim “less is more.” After all, doing what comes effortlessly often makes for the best outfits. This is proven by two sustainable agriculture and food systems majors: fourth-year Deirdre Feeley and third-year transfer student Aaron Lee.


ASW: Where is everything you’re currently wearing from?

Feeley: I went to a women’s retreat this past weekend, so this is from one of my friends who had like a whole clothing exchange. I don’t know, she always gives me really good jeans like really great Levi’s. So this is like my third pair that I’ve gotten from her, but I’ve lost the other two, so yeah, basically friends.


ASW: How does that clothing exchange you mentioned work?

Feeley: If you look into where your clothing’s all being produced — the clothing that we as college students can afford — it’s like “Oh sh-t i really don’t want to be supporting H&M or Forever 21.” Then we [a group of friends and I] just said “Hey, let’s get together and trade.”


ASW: What inspires your style? Any specific people, magazines, fashion houses, brands, etc.?

Feeley: Definitely being a farmer. Really a combo of being like a farmer and a baker, then also growing up in the Bay Area. I feel like all of that together. These are my farm shoes, and then like I wear loose jeans in the kitchen and then like also just growing up listening to hip-hop, living in Richmond.


ASW: What drives the evolution of your style?

Feeley: I feel like it’s just more day-to-day. Just [depends on how I] wake up, how I’m feeling, what I have to do today. It can be very different.


ASW: Any trends you’ve tried out in the past that you regret?

Feeley: That I regret? Ever in my life? Oh yeah. When I was younger I used to want to be a fashion designer. When I was in 7th grade and 6th grade I would like pour over Teen Vogue. When I was 18 I cut my bangs really short like baby bangs, and that was fine. Then I kept being unhappy with them, so I kept cutting them shorter and shorter, and then I bleached them. They were just like this weird orange, and I just waited for them to grow out.


ASW: What made you not want to be a fashion designer anymore?

Feeley: I think I just felt like it was so wishy-washy, and I feel that way about trends, also. Especially in our generation, it’s kind of sped up. It feels like you’re not really chasing anything worth it at the end of the day. I still like clothing as an expression, but that’s it.

ASW: What are some of the staples in your wardrobe or things you find yourself wearing often?

Feeley: These [my boots], definitely these. Actually a raccoon stole my old ones while I was camping. And probably this [my windbreaker] is my new staple now, it’s so good. Scarves. I really love scarves.


ASW: Can you describe your style in three words?

Feeley: Variable. Me. Fun.


ASW: What inspires your style? Any specific people, magazines, fashion houses, brands, etc.?

Lee: Well I mean, I started wearing boots working on my grandpa’s farm, and then I just liked this jacket because it’s fluffy. […] I love Levi’s.


ASW: Has your style evolved over time?

Lee: Yeah, I used to wear just like Converse and jeans and a T-shirt generally, but then I just started wearing boots and started doing more western wear probably a year or two ago.

ASW: What are some of the staples in your wardrobe or items you find yourself wearing often?

Lee: I wear my boots every day; always wear jeans, never wear shorts; always wear my satchel, belt buckle, always. Usually it’s a T-shirt or like a flannel [on top].


ASW: Any trends you’ve tried out in the past that you regret?

Lee: In elementary school I used to wear super baggy pants, and I used to have really long hair.


ASW: When did you first find yourself interested in fashion?

Lee: I don’t care about fashion really, I just wear what makes me happy.


ASW: How would you describe your style in three words?

Lee: Practical. Western. Country-ish.



Written by: Cecelia Morales — arts@theaggie.org


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