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Police Logs


Keep your own trash

Feb. 13

“Reporting party believes neighbor dumped trash into his garbage bin while out on the street during pick-up day.”


Feb. 14

“Reporting party concerned about a trail of Ritz crackers laid out on the sidewalk and nearby bushes, leading to a white van with cracked windows parked in front of residence. Reporting party believes it is suspicious because the crackers were laid out like a trail from up the street to vehicle. Vehicle appears as if someone is living out of it.”


Feb. 15

“Male shoplifted candy bar — now in front of business threatening to ‘187’ employees refusing to leave.”


Feb. 16

“ID taken away at bar, reporting party states he is of legal age and employee at the bar is refusing to give his ID back.”

“Several subjects on the roof of a house.”


Feb. 17

“Male subject threw a stick and a bicycle at the reporting party — reporting party took the male’s bicycle and is now standing by at above location.”

“Reporting party found wheelchair left in front of his residence this morning — reporting party concerned it’s dumped stolen property.”

“Occurred at 1900 hours: reporting party thought she heard someone jiggle the door handle, and her light sensor came on.”


Feb. 18

“Group of approximately 20 chanting. Possibly school related.”

“Reporting party received call from unknown subject stating that he has her address and was going to go to her house — gave her the address. Reporting party is concerned for her roommate that is home alone — requested area check, unknown description on subject.”


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