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Eight study spots for this coming finals season


A guide to Davis’s on-campus study spots

With finals season just around the corner, Davis students scramble for a place to focus and absorb all the material they have learned this quarter. The California Aggie has compiled a list of eight study spots on campus, so it’s time to buckle down and get to work.


8.Peter J. Shields Library

Misery meets company in the Peter J. Shields Library. What better place than a library to lie to yourself about being productive? But not to worry — this finals season we may even encounter visits from the CoHo for some caffeine boosts and therapy fluffies to ease your stress. Shields offers various levels of study environments, from the chatty first floor group study lounges to the dead-silent fourth floor, not to mention the 24-Hour Room for all you procrastinators.


7.ARC Cyber Lounge and Student Lounge

If you’re looking for a study spot where the wifi is stronger than your will to study, the ARC Cyber Lounge is the place to be! With Peet’s Coffee and the Proshop nearby, the ARC lounge seems to be a popular location among Davis students. If you’re looking to relieve some stress during your study break, the cyber lounge is conveniently located near the gym, where you can sweat instead of cry.


6.Science Laboratory Building

If you love the sunlight and enjoy people-watching during your study breaks, the upper floors of the Science Laboratory Building are an ideal study space for you. Its second and third floors offer several indoor study lounges and small meeting rooms for students to use. Another perk to studying in this building is the BioBrew found on the first floor, where students can find warm coffee and snacks perfect for the rainy and cold Winter Quarter weather.


5.The CoHo

The CoHo is the place to be if you are one of many caffeine-addicted college students. Not only does the CoHo house the best coffee on campus, but it also serves a variety of foods — an ideal way to reward yourself after countless hours of studying. In addition to the food, the CoHo offers an abundance of seating from large booths to barstools. If you’re looking to surround yourself with other Aggies hard at work, the CoHo is the place for you.



The Silo, much like the CoHo, offers a variety of eateries such as the newly renovated Spokes Grill, Peet’s Coffee, Crepe Bistro and The Gunrock. With the refreshed menu also comes several new seats for Aggies to settle down and get to work. The Silo offers less of a “hustle-and-bustle” environment for students looking for a study spot less crowded than the CoHo.



The Quad is another favorite study spot for many Davis students. With its close proximity to the MU and lively atmosphere on the lawn itself, if weather permits, the Quad is the perfect location for those who are seeking an outdoor study spot. Additionally, the Quad has several hammocks, perfect for a power nap during study breaks.


2.Memorial Union

Though the MU may seem to be extremely crowded during finals season, it still remains one of the top destinations for students to study. The bustling college environment along with the multitude of seating and outlets throughout all floors contribute to the MU accommodating hundreds of students everyday. If you are looking to find motivation to study, the MU is a fitting choice, as you will be surrounded by countless students busy at work.


1.The Death Star

Although navigating your way through the Death Star may seem like a daunting process, a peaceful and serene atmosphere awaits. Not only is its name fitting to the stress most students will be feeling come week 11, but it offers various shaded outdoor study spots. Another bonus to studying in the Death Star is its close proximity to ShareTea, a bubble tea favorite among Davis students. May the force be with you this finals season!



Written by: Sneha Ramachandran  — features@theaggie.org


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