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Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Logs


Who is Monica?

Feb. 19

“Heard only for last 10 minutes, loud yelling from male, repetitive statement, only thing reporting party can make out is the name ‘Monica.’”

“Male on Olive Dr. touching cars with a rock causing damage to vehicles.”

“Male outside randomly screaming.”


Feb. 21

“Transient male near the Covell entrance was pushing female down and sitting on her — female also had a small child in a shopping cart.”


Feb. 22

“Transient male has returned and is currently in the shower of men’s downstairs restroom.”

“Testing new phone system.”


Feb. 23

“Reporting party advised roommate is pounding on reporting party’s door and demanding to be let into reporting party’s room — reporting party has locked himself in the room and will stay separate till police department gets on site.”

“Reporting party’s vehicle was hit this afternoon and believes neighbor may be responsible.”


Feb. 24

“Unknown male subject rang doorbell and tried to open reporting party’s apartment door with a key.”


Feb. 25

“Cleaning, vacuum and buzzing noises coming from business.”


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