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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Police Logs


Stop “stalking the females”

March 1

“Female transient sitting just inside store by the carts — was banging her head on the ground at one point.”

“Group of five to six college-age subjects going between their vehicle and the bathroom — subjects have been at the park for the past 30 to 40 minutes.”

“Subject at the window is stalking the females.”


March 2

“Reporting party found $100 bill on the street in front of her workplace today — wanted to document in case anyone calls — reporting party will drop it off tonight after she gets off work — incident number given to reporting party to reference.”


March 3

“Female pulled up to reporting party at light and waved a metal rod and yelled ‘don’t mess with me.’”


March 4

“In plot of complex — two male subjects appeared passed out, both covered in vomit. Reporting party asked if they needed assistance and friends declined help.”

“Occurred over the weekend, door kicked in, but nothing appears to have been stolen from inside, but unknown if subject entered residence.”


March 5

“Reporting party and several other employees receiving vague threats via text message from recently fired employee.”


March 6

“Concern of a subject dressed up in a full clown costume sitting in a maroon Toyota Highlander in the handicap parking space at the bank for the last hour.”



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