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Police logs


How did the cat get stuck in the storm drain?

March 19

“Male who sent threatening emails in 2015 is now recontacting company members via email. Concerned subject is decompensating.”


March 20

“Repeat call, transient male and female yelling.”

“Occurred 9 minutes ago, delivery vehicle was parked and driver stepped out and vehicle was driven away.”

“Reporting party has shotgun shells he wants to turn in for destruction — shells are in the vehicle.”


March 22

“Male was sleeping in front of store, woke up and entered store and threw items around, now outside.”

“Occurred overnight — vehicle taken from driveway, garage door opener inside vehicle.”


March 23

“Reporting party saw two subjects in black hoodies appeared to be trying to break into the storage units in the back parking lot. When the reporting party walked passed the subjects turned their faces so the reporting party couldn’t see them.”


March 24

“Male subject has come into store repeatedly, yelling and threatening customers.”

“Returned home and noticed light on inside apartment, reporting party sure she turned off all lights before leaving this morning, housemates are all gone for the weekend, reporting party standing by in complex gym.”


March 25

“On the bike path directly behind residence; cat stuck in storm drain.”


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