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Police Logs


Leave the turkeys alone

March 29

“Female keeps banging on shared wall stating that reporting party is making too much noise — states this is an ongoing issue with neighbor and apartment management is aware.”

“Unattended white box with Zappos label and oil soaked rag — near entrance of plot right after crossing the first set of tracks.”

“Male standing in the right-hand turn lane near Starbucks at this location waving arms and talking to himself.”


March 30

“Subject used a bat to break a vehicle window, then fled in another vehicle.”


March 31

“Reporting party’s girlfriend at home and heard door open, not sure who it may be. Reporting party says no one is supposed to be home.”

“Unknown subject dumping logs in street in front of his residence — reporting party advised he’s received letter from city trying to fine him, and they told him he needed to file police report in order to avoid the fines.”


April 1

“Dog in backyard. Barking for last few hours.”

“On the bike path behind location, three adults and four juveniles shooting at turkeys with a BB gun.”


April 2

“Reporting party got into minor road rage incident and other driver followed reporting party home, suspect then approached reporting party and punched him through his window. Subject has since left area.”

“Complaint of neighbor taking out garbage cans late at night. Reporting party requested officer speak with neighbor.”


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