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Soon-to-be graduates share excitement for final Spring Quarter


Seniors reflect on time at UC Davis, how they hope to enjoy their last quarter

“I’m looking forward to spending my free time with people who don’t have free time, that’s the most fun,” Joo said. “Watching people stress out while you have nothing to worry Spring Quarter tends to be the most anticipated quarter of the UC Davis school year for many students. The sunny weather and plethora of events contribute to students’ excitement. But for many graduating students, this is the last spring quarter they have the chance to experience at UC Davis. During this time, many seniors reflect on what they anticipate most, and how their imminent graduation may change their outlook on the next few months.

Wesley Yu, a fourth-year managerial economics major, looks forward to using spring quarter as a last opportunity to take advantage of the tools that UC Davis offers soon-to-be graduates.

“I am looking forward to using campus resources to help bolster my resume,” Yu said. “I’m also looking forward to continue applying for jobs and hopefully hearing back from companies about job opportunities. I’m hoping to start fresh after graduation.”

While graduation implies leaving a college career and entering into an often unfamiliar experience in the workforce, it also offers students their last opportunity to take advantage of a freer schedule with less structure and fewer obligations. Yu noted his excitement regarding events exclusive to Spring Quarter.

“There are more activities to look forward to like Lawntopia and Picnic Day,” Yu said. “It’s even more enjoyable because the weather is slowly getting nicer; the days are becoming more sunny and much longer. It honestly elevates the vibe and the mood of the quarter so much more. Being a senior also means having an easier schedule to enjoy all of the upcoming activities.”

Daniel Joo, a fifth-year design major, reflected on his stressful college experience. Upon finishing his collegiate obligations, he has the opportunity to relax and fully enjoy his time during his final quarter at UC Davis.

about is the best feeling. I’m already done with all of my classes for both my major and my minor and I already have a job offer lined up post-graduation.”

The last quarter for students also implies the opportunity to take GEs and other fun or filler classes while waiting for graduation day.

“This is the most relaxed quarter I’ve had out of my five years at UC Davis,” Joo said. “I’m taking an easy online class and another class pass/no pass, since I’ve finished all of my main classes for my major and minor. This really is the easiest quarter I’ve ever had at UC Davis.”

Daisha Paringit, a fourth-year design major, is prematurely nostalgic for her college years, and hopes to utilize her spring quarter to reflect on her time in college and appreciate her friendships she’s made during her time at UC Davis.

“I’m looking forward to all the fun events and spending time with my friends,” Paringit said. “I’m trying to enjoy every single second that I can while I’m still in college. I know this is my last quarter so I’m trying to live life to the fullest and go to every event that I can. I’m really looking forward to hanging out with as many friends as I can before everyone goes their separate ways and I go down my own path.”

Paringit noted that after college, she and other soon-to-be graduates will lose opportunities to enjoy events and free time the way that they can as current students.

“I won’t have as much free time [after I graduate] and I’ll be working a lot and be more tired,” Paringit said. “I think my relationships with people will definitely change but I’m going to try and keep the relationships that I have. It’s my last time doing certain things so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can.”

For seniors unsure of how to best spend their final quarter at UC Davis, events for the spring include Lawntopia, Picnic Day and Whole Earth Festival. Spring Quarter at Davis offers many opportunities for students to keep busy, have fun and spend time with their friends and peers before graduating.



Written by: Alyssa Hada — features@theaggie.org


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