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Police Logs


That’s a lot of ‘subjects’

April 3

“Front bedroom window, male subject looked into window through the cracked blinds. Subject saw reporting party look out and left on foot toward Rutgers.”


April 4

“Reporting party has some ammo to be destroyed.”

“Vehicle blocking reporting party’s mailbox and fire hydrant.”

“Reporting party received suspicious call from male who is on his way from West Sacramento wanting to purchase a phone but wants reporting party to have everything ready for him to quickly come in and leave. Reporting party concerned because she is alone and thinks it was suspicious.”


April 5

“50-plus subjects inside and outside.”


April 6

“In front of business, two subjects involved, throwing chairs around.”


April 8

“12-plus subjects playing ‘slosh ball.’ Amplified music.”

“Neighbor’s dogs broke the fence and fell in the pool, have been rescued but are running around in the backyard and appear aggressive. They continue to fall in the pool, dog owners are not home, reporting party wants them taken away.”


April 10

“Roommate prevented reporting party from leaving the kitchen area after reporting party sent her message saying she didn’t want to be friends anymore.”



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