62.3 F

Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Logs


Yes, fireplaces make smoke

April 12

“Two males going door to door.”

“Vehicle red convertible Chevy, driving slow, not using blinkers, not able to maintain lanes, reporting party believes possibly under the influence.”


April 13

“Hour ago — reporting party found black jacket hanging from his water meter.”

“Black motorcycle with male rider with neon green helmet going up and down F Street doing wheelies — requested officer.”

“Female walking northbound in traffic in the tunnel and appears disoriented.”

“Reporting party’s friend stated that she is home alone and that someone is in the kitchen.”


April 14

“Maroon 4-door parked facing the wrong direction for last several hours — request vehicle be cited.”

“Two males punching each other.”


April 15

“Two males out in the plot setting off fireworks.”

“Male outside yelling and urinating on front steps of house. Reporting party is scared and does not want to enter house with subjects on site.”


April 17

“Smoke from fireplace.”


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