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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Police Logs


Quit “egging it on”

April 19

“Solo vehicle into building, cosmetic damage.”


April 20

“Subjects by the pool playing music loudly.”

“Subjects being loud in the hot tub.”

“Reporting party was also hit by truck twice. Then witness truck hit a parked vehicle, causing extensive damage. Driver stopped and started talking to vehicle owners but left abruptly. No victim at this time […]”

“Spray paint over ‘No’ on the ‘No Parking’ signs in the area.”


April 21

“Four vehicles parked facing the wrong way in a no-parking zone — reporting party no longer in the area, unable to give vehicle information.”

“Several female subjects running around naked near Girl Scout cabin, urinating in the park — reporting party states there is a large party at the park. Concerned for children in the area.”

“Two subjects currently in physical fight and other subjects egging it on.”


April 22

“31-year-old got angry over video game console and started yelling at reporting party, she was concerned for her’s and her younger kids’ safety and left, requesting he be removed from apartment.”


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