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California Chronicles


We were roommates for the night…

Honestly, helping someone plan the perfect date makes you want to have one of your own. No one describes the taste of cake and then puts the uneaten cake wedge back in the fridge; you have to take a bite and experience it for yourself.

This problem was presented to me very quickly: there was no cake available to begin with, at least not for me. Not even the deep, dark crevices of Grindr could reach a cowtown. There was one person that I knew of.

I knew he was gay because his Grindr notification went off when he was lying on his bed during our summer orientation (we were roommates for the night). I decided to reach out to him because, you know, new school, new town and newfound confidence. Well, newfound might be an overstatement.

I tried to be more civil and instead sent him a message on Instagram. It read, “Hey, wanna get coffee sometime?” Yet again, the movies lied. College was starting to just look like a slightly less awkward high school experience. Coffee is always a good choice for a first date because it’s the middle ground. It says, “I want to get to know you, but this will be over soon so it’s okay if this goes south.” He responded to my message and I slid the notification open to read what it said.

Next week: The spill


Written by: Terry Hudson — arts@theaggie.org

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Terry Hudson are completely fictional and do not necessarily indicate the views and opinions held by The California Aggie. The story is fictionalized, as is Terry Hudson.


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