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Humor: Kanye West ghostwriter revealed to be randomwordgenerator.com


Randomwordgenerator.com had this to say: “Zydeco, Goldfish, Eleven, Bottles, Stardust”

Twitter exploded on Friday when a leaked video of Kanye West became the subject of national attention. In the video, West appears to be using the online word generator site “randomwordgenerator.com” to write songs for his upcoming album “Jesus Jesus I Am God, Kanye West, President of the Future.”

In the video, which is security cam footage from Kanye’s studio in Santa Monica, a heavily inebriated West appears to use the site to fill in “Kanye Libs,” a variant of Mad Libs, in which Kanye injects assorted words into one of several general templates about himself. The Kanye Libs were seen to have titles such as “Slave is just another word for dummy” and “Kanye can French kiss any girl he wants, even Taylor Swift.”

The camera rolled as Kanye began his process. In one song, he rapped: “A man uses fishes to find baby on the weeee-kend / Louis Vuitton rollin’ diamonds off the deeeep-end.” In another: “LA is just a place where girl make the stars-shine / Feel baby gonna f—k hay bam gam stars-shiiiiine.”

A spokesperson for Mr. West informed The California Aggie that the website is not completely responsible for his lyrics. He explained that sometimes when randomwordgenerator.com produces an unsatisfactory result like “parsnip” or “Bangladesh,”  Kanye will just write about himself or whatever he is doing. To further his point, Mr. West’s spokesperson included some lyrics from his upcoming album, which included statements such as: “Kanye is making some bread,” “Kanye doesn’t like Mondays” and “Kanye is a blackbelt in every martial art except the dumb ones.”

Since the leak of the video, Kanye has distanced himself from the online word generator, stating that in the future he will just let a bowl of alphabet soup inform his creative choices.


Written by: Parker Nevin — phnevin@ucdavis.edu


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