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Monday, April 15, 2024

Police Logs


Who puts sugar in a gas tank?

May 2

“Truck drove across the reporting party’s lawn and driveway, parked in the yard partially. Silver pick-up — vehicle is not on, does not appear occupied, possibly associated with a nearby party.”

“Unknown subject attempted to jump patio gate then left area.”


May 3

“Reporting party’s vehicle and garbage can barricade in front of residence were spray painted with profanities last night by unknown subject.”

“[Subject] has been stealing items from the business for last several months — has been told to leave several times today but subject just returns a little while later.”

“Ongoing problem with neighbor following reporting party, peeking in the window, nothing spoken.”


May 5

“Secondhand information to the reporting party — a group of subjects hopped the fence and are in the pool area.”

“Leaf blower started at 0730 hours — reporting party requested they be advised of city code ordinance.”

“Reporting party and roommate had 415V. Threatened to kill her after her she turned on the A/C. Punched hole in bathroom door. Took reporting party’s phone/wallet.”


May 6

“Two minutes ago, heard only, 10 popping sounds.”


May 7

“Reporting party noticed a flat tire last week and then today she went to fill gas and her tank was full of sugar, reporting party thinks it’s her neighbor she was in a 415V with last week.”


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