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Be an informed voter


Vote for gun reform in California primary on June 5

As the June 5 primary elections fast approach, candidates for local, state and federal positions are scrambling to establish themselves as the best people for the job. The primaries serve as the first major hurdle before being sworn in as a public official, and it’s essential that an electorate is informed and weighs its options before the general election.

Although California is largely Democratic, the state’s political leaning is no guarantee of who will end up on the ballot in November. The competition within the California Democratic Party — and the diverse local elections — means that no two candidates are the same. The Editorial Board urges all Californians to vote in these primary elections. Your vote counts, especially during the early stages when votes are more widely cast among a larger pool of candidates. It’s the time to identify those who resonate with the issues you feel are most important and put them in office.

In such a diverse state as California, it’s not as simple as voting along party lines. Decide what issues you believe are essential in a candidate, and cast your ballot based on that. Vote for candidates who endorse policies that align with your views on the environment, the economy or other areas.

In the upcoming elections, the Editorial Board believes that gun control is among the most important issues to face the state. California needs strong and vocal elected officials at all levels of government to protect those who could fall victim to preventable gun violence.

The movement that swept through the country following the Parkland shooting must not falter. The Editorial Board urges all Californians to find the candidates who have taken firm stances on enacting gun control regulations throughout the state and nation.

No more of this nonsensical talk of arming teachers. The Editorial Board recognizes the need for serious legislative accomplishments that will cement the importance of strong gun control laws and take firearms away from those who could do harm to their surrounding communities.

It’s the power of collective action that can enact positive change. Become informed and make your voices heard. Take a strong stance and make the candidates earn every donation they receive and every ballot cast in their name. Interact with your public officials — it’s our responsibility to hold them accountable. But most importantly, vote on June 5 in the 2018 California primary elections.


Written by: The Editorial Board


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