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From the California Chronicles


“Well, there’s some excitement!”

My pupils dilated at the slightly affirming “sure” that he decided to respond with. I suggested that we go to Temple because it was the only place that my bougie self had managed to wander to downtown. Not to mention that my constant desire for caffeine is detrimental to both my health and my budget.

It was Sunday, so I suggested that we go that afternoon before school started the next day. He agreed, and I waited on the patio for him later that afternoon. When he arrived, I learned his name was Jack and he was studying economics. He was living in Tercero and complained how the draft in the morning made his room smell like cow shit. “It’s an organic alarm clock,” I said, trying to make a joke out of an unfortunate situation, which is what I often try to do.

He didn’t laugh at my joke, or any other joke I made, so that meant we weren’t meant to be. While I tried to distract myself from Jack by investigating if the fig plant in the window was fake, I accidentally spilled my hot coffee all over him because I reached for my coffee without looking. I said to myself this time, “Well, there’s some excitement!”

He just sat there, so I decided to get up and ask the barista for a rag to clean up the weiner aisle. We talked for a bit more and then parted ways. I opened up Grindr and found another guy about a thousand feet away that I felt like taking back to my dorm with me, so I did.

We talked for a bit — just a bit. Fast forward to an hour later, as things were getting down under, when I heard the key swipe on my door. My roommate was pushing the door open.


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Written by: Terry Hudson — arts@theaggie.org

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Terry Hudson are completely fictional and do not necessarily indicate the views and opinions held by The California Aggie. The story is fictionalized, as is Terry Hudson.


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