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Saturday, April 20, 2024

From the California Chronicles


The small talk commenced in the shower…

Paul saw it all and he didn’t even know what my middle name was. He needed no imagination for this one. The guy I was with sprung up and threw his hands up like a soccer player trying to convince the referee that it wasn’t him that kicked the ball out of bounds.

Paul went out as quickly as he came in, and to make things worse, he let out a “sorry” from behind the closed door. I just lay there through the whole thing and commented, “Well, the moon was out early tonight it seems.” I looked at my phone; there was a text from Paul. It said, “I’ll come back later lol.” I took advantage of that offer.

As is customary, the small talk commenced in the shower. I learned that he was studying philosophy and wanted to be a lawyer someday. There was no reasonable doubt that he would become one. He spoke eloquently and no one would object when they saw his face. Sneaking him in and out of the dorm showers was more fun than difficult. He called me crazy, but intriguing, and I asked him what he intended to do about that. He asked me what I was doing on Saturday night to which I responded, “Having dinner with you at a restaurant that you surprise me with.” It was settled, and we got ready in the dorm bathroom.

On his way out, I left him with “Have fun in last night’s clothes!”


Next week: The real date


Written by: Terry Hudson — arts@theaggie.org

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Terry Hudson are completely fictional and do not necessarily indicate the views and opinions held by The California Aggie. The story is fictionalized, as is Terry Hudson.


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