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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

From the California Chronicles


The conversation flowed naturally…

I couldn’t get my mind off of him over the next few days. There really was no reason for it. I mean, he wasn’t even the guy I went on a terrible coffee date with, but the thoughts were still there. I am by no means a romantic — because who would want to be classified an “endangered species?” About a week had gone by when he sent me a text. It read, “Hey, how’ve you been?” I put my phone down, planned to strategically reply 30 minutes later, but completely failed. I immediately responded and said, “Doing well. Been busy. And yourself?” He said he had two midterms the previous week and thus he was exhausted.

Much to my amazement, he asked me out on a real date in Sacramento. I said that I needed to check my schedule because I was so busy (I really wasn’t). The evening came and he picked me up from my dorm around 7 p.m. He didn’t probe me with questions about myself, which was great, but instead he asked me what I thought about different topics.

We’re both intellectuals; small talk would be a waste of our intelligence. The conversation flowed naturally, and we both were naturally unapologetic about calling out each other’s bullshit. To most, that would be too much to handle. To me, all I could think was “Finally.” We arrived at the restaurant and parked. He didn’t open my door for me because I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. However, I compromised by letting him open the front door for me. The hostess sat us at the bar — and so it began.


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Written by: Terry Hudson — arts@theaggie.org


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