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Davis, California

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Police Logs


Are there any Girl Scout cookies in there?

May 10

“Several vehicles facing wrong way on street.”

“Three duffle bags with Girl Scout property left in front of residence. Request items be picked up.”

“Tenant in office refusing to leave — upset over her vehicle being towed today from fire lane — request officer mediate.”

“Male subject playing a trumpet in the open field by the barn.”


May 11

“Bar closed prior to reporting party getting his ID back — request officer assist.”


May 13

“Reporting party’s girlfriend broke his computer.”

“Female party who is restrained person has barricaded herself inside residence.”

“Boyfriend entered residence and vandalized the reporting party’s property. Subject grabbed a knife and refused to leave the residence. Boyfriend is still in the apartment. Reporting party is on the patio.”


May 14

“Neighbor throwing sandals at the screen door.”


May 16

“Ongoing issue with known male calling reporting party excessively.”


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