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Davis, California

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Police Logs


9-1-1, a dog is barking

September 12

“Reporting party attempted to sell textbooks — unknown buyer used fake PayPal to pay reporting party — loss $500.”

“Reporting party saw five juveniles use dumped furniture to climb over the fence surrounding facility. They also appeared to be lifting their bikes over the fence into abandoned complex.”

“On the greenbelt; reporting party’s children were walking when approached by an elderly female with walker carrying a sign that said ‘please follow me and show me your passport’ grabbed one of the children but the child was able to get away […]”


September 13

“Reporting party hears something that sounds sharp on her window.”

“Vehicle driving slowly, on a cell phone, and yelling at other vehicles.”


September 14

“Vehicle was cutting in and out of traffic on the freeway, exited at Richards when saw reporting party take a pic of plate.”


September 15

“Dead bird in front of business. Reporting party will wrap in plastic bag and place in garbage.”


September 16

“Dog barking periodically all day.”



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