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Police Logs


Some ubers are just that nice

September 29

“Reporting party’s friend is refusing to get out of the Uber that they took home.”


September 30

“White male adult tried to open the back screen door, and was tampering with the front door, male subject urinated and defecated in the back patio and then rubbed his butt on the window.”


October 1

“Can hear unknown subject on the roof of his house with possible running water and hose being turned on.”

“Reporting party and his 3 housemates left apartment for approximately 30 minutes and just returned and advised they are unable to open the apartment door — reporting party thinks unknown subject is inside and locked them out.”


October 3

“Two males were walking down the street and jumped onto two parked vehicles parked at reporting party’s location and threw trash cans into the street and are now westbound on Russell passing this location […]”


October 4

“At west gate — male standing at gate trying to get in.”

“Male subject driving a dark grey Toyota past half hour — stopping and then going, driving slow then put the vehicle in reverse and then doing donuts.”


October 5

“Cones knocked out of line and causing hazard; some cones are flattened/broken.”

“50 people in the park.”

“Hammering type noise — reporting party spoke with the neighbor who laughed at him.”



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