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Police Logs


Who is this Alonzo??

October 6

“Transient male at playground — appears to be upset; kicking the playground, shouting and taking off his shirt LS near carousel. Reporting party concerned for children that will be in the area shortly.”

“Ongoing issue unknown subject has been dumping cooking oil/grease in her front yard.”

“Subject was standing at the end of the driveway, he stepped back into the shadows when reporting party walked by, requested area check.”


October 7

“X is currently hitting staff with a metal fork. X is also spitting on staff.”

“Male subject knocked on reporting party’s door, when she asked who he was he stated ‘Alonzo’ and then left no description.”


October 8

“Reporting party believes unknown subject(s) attempted to force entry into two homes under construction over the weekend. No property loss at this time besides minor exterior damage to one of the homes for a window pry.”

“Complaint of cyclists not stopping at stop signs. Creating traffic issues for motorists. Request for extra traffic reinforcement/education in the area.”

“Two adult males hitting softball at field two which is closed.”

“Complaint of upstairs neighbors pounding on the floor.”


October 9

“Group of subjects playing game in backyard, yelling on and off when they win.”



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