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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Humor: UC Davis administration says class cancellations still “up in the air”


Get it?

When questioned by The California Aggie about the status of class cancellations and the continuation of the quarter after this week’s series of missed days, Davis administrators replied by saying it’s all still “up in the air.”

“Get it?” an administrator asked The Aggie, smiling and slapping his knee. “Because, it’s like, there’s the smoke up in the air? And then the scheduling is still up in the air. It’s like… it’s a play on words, you know? A pun… kinda? Am I making sense? You’re looking at me like I’m not making sense. It was just… a joke, you know? I was trying to make light of the situation. Does that… ok, I guess it really wasn’t that funny. It’s fine, I understand, I just thought I could break the old serious administrator stereotype, but I guess I’ll just stick to my lane like my wife said I should. She told me, ‘Harold, if you keep trying to make jokes about serious stuff, it’s gonna bite you in the butt,’ and I guess she was right, so thank you Sharon. Thanks a bunch.”

The administrator paused briefly before continuing.

“But yeah, to answer your original question, I have absolutely no idea. I probably shouldn’t have even answered your question like that. It was just confusing and now it’s this whole thing with the joke and all that.”

Written by: Conner Shaw — cjshaw@ucdavis.edu


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