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Police Logs


Just don’t double park

October 31

“Subject is refusing to pay his bar tab, requesting assistance.”

“Two college-aged subjects followed reporting party’s children while they were trick-or-treating.”

“Groups screaming and setting off fireworks at the park.”

“Male subject walking through complex, appeared to be looking at bicycles parked near leasing office.”


November 1

“Subjects fighting in the limo pulling over into Chevron.”


November 3

“About five transients camped out by the business storage shed. Reporting party’s employee feels uncomfortable accessing the shed with the subjects currently next to it. The subjects are all awake and seem to be changing or humming.”

“Reporting party’s Door Dash account was hacked and unknown subject ordered four cases of beer delivered to this location.”


November 4

“Reporting party double-parked a few days ago and an unknown subject left a note on his car telling him not to, the next day he found a rock sitting on his car, and today both his plates were bent.”


November 5

“Ongoing issue with reporting party’s car being egged while parked on the street. Reporting party has possible suspicious information.”



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