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Monday, April 15, 2024

Police Logs


No skinning chickens in the kitchen

November 7

“Reporting party concerned that subjects are living in the parking lot and thinks it’s ‘creepy.’”

“Reporting party lost cat.”


November 8

“Two males made entry to the south garage and propped door open.”

“Neighbor putting wood near reporting party’s front door. Reporting party thinks he may have also nailed something onto her porch.”


November 9

“Female approached several people inside the front lobby, advised she was a nurse and starting touching/examining people.”


November 10

“Transient laying on floor of elevator.”


November 11

“Male subject laying down by street sign.”


November 12

“Male subject loitering in the area, flailing his arms and pulling his pants down intentionally and possible intoxication.”


November 13

“No emergency was taking shower unknown how phone dialed.”


November 14

“Prior issues with roommate skinning chickens in the kitchen was asked not to, today she brought home a rabbit and killed it in the bathtub.”



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