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Police Logs


Odd behaviors and strange texts

November 15

“Stated texted wrong person.”

November 17

“Male 35 to 40 years of age thin dark clothing. On bike with shopping cart that also had shopping car, rode into neighbor’s C/Port, then approached other neighbor’s front door. When reporting party went outside to check the subject, he began mumbling about going through trash. Reporting party did not see subject looking in any trash bins. Thought subject was acting odd.”

“Group selling labradors in the park, approximately six dogs. Reporting party concerned for puppy mill.”

“Reporting party received email extortion letter requesting money via Bitcoin. Requested advice.”

“Vehicle parked in a disabled space without displaying disabled placard.”

November 18

“Loud party/gathering, subjects leaving area have been urinating in the plot.”

November 19

“A chair was thrown through a football field snackbar window.”

“Secondhand information required squirrel with shredded leg.”

“Non-electric vehicle parked in an electric parking stall.”

November 20

“Verbal dispute with roommate over cleanliness of apartment, roommate threatened to beat reporting party, reporting party left apartment standing by near the pool for contact.”



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