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Farewell Fuji

Local sushi restaurant announces closing on Facebook

After many years in Davis, Fuji Sushi Boat & Buffet officially announced on Nov. 1 via Facebook that it will be closing. Established in 1997, the restaurant aimed to become the go-to place for sushi at prices college students could afford.

At a $17.99 lunch fee ($20.99 on weekends) and a $21.99-$24.99 set price for dinner, the buffet allowed customers to consume as much as they wanted at varying costs. Fuji was also notorious for staying open and being available on most holidays, except for Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Fourth of July. The sushi restaurant closed in the owner’s best interest, rather than for any financial reasoning.

“The owner is retired and the lease has ended,” said Chaio Lai, the chef at Fuji. “We live in Brentwood that we used to drive 2.5 hours everyday. We just think it’s time to end [it]. It’s a good location and I think someone will take over soon.”

Several customers of the buffet were saddened by the news.

“I don’t live in Davis, but do stop by Fuji’s from time to time as I pass through,” said Elle Emi Ryu Rose, a former customer of Fuji. “My wife and I love sushi, so we love stopping by whenever we get a chance. As far as knowing why it’s closing, I have no idea. Their food was very good, but they did lack customer service.”

Their menu consisted of weekly popular rolls, new creations made specifically by the restaurant and classics that established loyal customers for Fuji over other sushi restaurants. There were certain aspects to the dining spot that customers considered could be reasons for Fuji closing, but none seemed to do with their food.

“I always get the feeling that the employees don’t enjoy what they’re doing,” Rose said. “[I] wished they hired more friendly-oriented employees to [make] you feel welcome.”

In 2014, the owners decided to open up another Fuji Sushi & Buffet in Vacaville to provide more of its all-you-can eat options to residents in the area. Now, the Vacaville location will be the only restaurant, as the new owners do not plan on expanding again any time soon.

“Being a chef and a mother that has a daughter who attends UC Davis, I was surprised that she was going to this restaurant, but I think when you’re a student, you will eat wherever the price is right,” said Diana Roque, another former customer of Fuji. “The service was horrible, the food was really bad, they trick you with the buffet prices.”

Written by: Lauren Tropio — city@theaggie.org


  1. Two major errors here. The photo is of Davis Sushi Buffet, not Fuji Chef. Secondly, the Vacaville Fuji Sushi & Buffet is no longer affiliated with the former Davis owners.

  2. I hated sushi until I ate at Fuji’s. Goodbye Fuji’s! Many happy memories, my daughter has been going there since she was 5 years old, my son since before he was born :/ Good times…


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