Police Logs

Police Logs

Photo Credits: SHEREEN LEE / AGGIE

Sticks and stones

November 21

“A driver of a gold Ford sedan threw a rock at reporting party’s vehicle. No damage to reporting party’s vehicle and reporting party would like it to be logged.”

“Male subject threatening to hit people with a large flashlight.”

November 22

“Injured hawk, unable to fly.”

“Reporting party’s roommate became upset after a disagreement and threw a beverage can at the reporting party.”

November 23

“5-6 dogs running loose in neighborhood for last 20 minutes.”

November 24

“Heavy walking coming from unit above responding party.”

November 25

“Transient yelling at customers and hit store window with a stick 3 times.”

November 26

“High school aged juveniles smoking marijuana at the playground.”

November 27

“Neighbors door knob on the floor in front of door, unknown if break in or resident aware.”