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Concert Review: Hippie Sabotage

Local duo returns home, bigger and better than before

Brothers Kevin and Jeff Saurer returned to Sacramento — back to the city of their humble beginnings to give a prelude to their North American tour, Beautiful Beyond. On Jan. 31, EDM duo Hippie Sabotage performed The Park Ultra Lounge unapologetically.

The illuminated State Capitol building was the perfect backdrop to accompany my fellow smokers and I in the outdoor lounge area. A man across from me wore a tie-dye T-shirt with a marijuana leaf and the words, “Keep Calm and Smoke It,” and bumped into another man, who sported a blue velvet blazer as he lit his cigarette.

“Every tour brings a different group of fans and energy to the shows,” the duo said via email.  “Also, we have a new set full of unreleased music and a brand new visual set to make people trip out.”

Audience members in the first few rows were in the beer splash zone when one of them, in their excitement, threw their arms and whipped their hair around like the inflatable tube men often seen outside of local used car dealerships. The two periodically chanted “I don’t give a f***!” — a feeling we can all relate to at times.

The duo’s new single, “Caught Up,” carries that energy as it talks of letting go of the unimportant things and fixed things of the past —  the things in life that can leave one caught up in their mind.

“We were just inspired by our lives,” Hippie Sabotage said via email. “At times you f**k up, but you can’t dwell on past mistakes if you want to move forward and grow in life. And to always trust your gut despite your inner doubts.”

Hippie Sabotage resurfaced their early hit remix of Tove Lo’s “Stay High” — arguably the remix that jump started their stardom. The fans in the crowd felt the history associated with the duo’s progression from then until now. It was clear that their Sacramento fans were proud.

Sabotage says they want their music to make people feel inspired, relaxed and better. The duo plans to continue making music and say they will let their emotions drive them throughout the rest of their career.

The Hippie Sabotage discography is available on all major streaming services.

Written by: Josh Madrid – arts@theaggie.org


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