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Senate report: senators are yet to complete required sensitivity trainings

KDVS’ general manager asks Senate to fight for units located in Freeborn in light of planned demolition

ASUCD Vice President Shaniah Branson called the Jan. 31 Senate meeting to order at 6:10 p.m. in the Mee Room of the Memorial Union.

President Michael Gofman, Senator Alisha Hacker and Senator Mohammad Qayum were absent. Internal Affairs Commision Chair Jacob Ganz arrived late and Senator Simranjit Kaur left half-way through the meeting due to illness.

Senator Noah Pearl was elected as pro tempore for the meeting.

KDVS’ General Manager Jacob Engel gave a quarterly report, speaking about the 24-hour radio station’s recent achievements. He concluded his report by discussing the future of KDVS once it is no longer located in lower Freeborn Hall.

“I urge ya’ll to fight for the units based in Freeborn Hall,” Engel said.

KDVS, along with The California Aggie, Entertainment Council, Project Compost and Aggie TV, are located in lower Freeborn Hall and will have to relocate after the planned demolition of the building.

A quarterly report from Specialized Transportation Services and Tipsy Taxi followed. This year, ridership has doubled and Tipsy Taxi hopes to expand the amount of drivers that are available during peak hours.

Branson transitioned the meeting into unit and committee adoption. Each ASUCD unit is “adopted” by a senator. KDVS, the Coffee House and other units were given adopted senators.

The Senate then began a cultural humility training led by Rina Singh, the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission chair. A poll by Singh revealed that none of the senators had completed the LGBT training, allyship training or CARE training, all of which are required under the ASUCD Bylaws.

After a short break, Senate reconvened. Kaur and Ganz as well as Senator Brandon Clemens and Singh were late returning.

Senate turned to discussion of old legislature. Senate Bill #29 was taken up by the table. The bill, which was originally seen on Oct. 11, 2018, would remove references in the Bylaws to the position of speaker of the assembly. The position was abolished by the Senate in the fall of 2018. The bill passed with no objections.

Senate Bill #30, which clarifies and simplifies the process of closed sessions, then passed without objections.

Finally, Senate Bill #33 was addressed. The bill introduced the student advocate position into the association’s bylaws. Ganz authored the bill and it was passed unanimously by the Internal Affairs Commission.

The position will provide aid for any UC Davis student “charged with University or campus violations, experiencing Financial Aid difficulties, disputing grades, and/or filing grievances against members of the campus community.”

Additionally, “the position will represent ASUCD in meetings with campus or university administration in regards to student rights, campus rules, and/or other areas of student conduct.” The student advisor will be an advocate for the entire UC Davis student body in regards to “student rights, university policies, laws, regulations, and procedures.”

Senators amended the bill to include a two-year term limit on the person holding the student advocate position. SB #32 passed with amendments without objections.

Public discussion and announcements were made. Ex-officio reports and elected officer reports were given.

The Senate meeting adjourned at 10:13 p.m.

Written by: Ally Russell — campus@theaggie.org


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