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Davis, California

Friday, April 19, 2024

Police Logs

Pizza weaponry

January 30

“Subject sleeping in front of main entrance to civic center.”

“Yolobus nearly hit reporting party while she was riding her bike. Reporting party confronted the driver who refused to apologize. Bus stopped at bus stop in area.”

February 1

“Male transient sitting on a bench near the playground with an empty bottle of vodka next to him. Reporting party attempted to provide an umbrella to him and he didn’t respond, but is awake.”

“Reporting party is in her vehicle, watching a male subject take other bike tires off bikes and putting them on his bike wearing a hat, black jacket, baggy pants, bike with red with basket on the front.”

“Transient walking around inside playing music, reporting party asked the subject to stop and the subject opened a frozen pizza and threw it.”

February 3

“Roommate entered room and started punching him, broke his glasses and other property — roommate angry with him over having a party last week no medical attention, roommate back in his own room.”

February 6

“Male subject refusing to leave the bathroom, has been locked inside for over 30 minutes.”


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