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BASED sweeps majority of open ASUCD positions

Justin Hurst, Shreya Deshpande new president, vice president

The BASED slate swept the 2019 ASUCD Winter Elections, with all but two spots filled by candidates who ran on the slate.

Fourth-year evolution and international relations double major Justin Hurst and third-year cognitive science and sociology double major Shreya Deshpande, who ran as the BASED slate’s executive ticket, won the positions of president and vice president, respectively.

The six students elected to the Senate table are third-year sociology and Chicana/o Studies double major Anna Estrada, third-year political science and cognitive science double major Shondreya Landrum, third-year managerial economics major Sahiba Kaur, fourth-year international relations major Rebecca Gonzalez, second-year English major Victoria Choi and third-year managerial economics major Andre Spinoglio.

Estrada, Landrum, Kaur and Gonzalez ran on the BASED slate while Choi and Spinoglio ran on the Unite! Slate. The BASED slate received 59.02 percent of the total votes.

The Unitrans Undergraduate Fee Referendum, which required 20 percent of the undergraduate student body vote in addition to a 60 percent overall ‘yes’ vote, was successful.

The total voter count was 10,465 students, or 35.64 percent of students. A total of 9,589 voted in favor of the referendum, or 91.63 percent of students.

Written by: Deana Medina — campus@theaggie.org



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