54.3 F

Davis, California

Monday, May 20, 2024

Police Logs

Stop vacuuming so loudly

February 19

“Grandson is at the residence ‘trashing’ the place.”

February 20

“Occurred week ago. Two aggressive solicitors came to business and made vague threats to steal reporting party’s glasses.”

February 21

“Subjects with amplified music.”

February 22

“Unknown suspect used reporting party’s bank account at Davis Nugget.”

February 23

“Unknown made access to backyard and graffitied fence.”

February 24

“Upstairs neighbor vacuuming.”

February 25

“No emergency son was having a nightmare.”

February 26

“Tenant was asked to stop slamming doors, he started yelling profanities and got close to reporting party’s husband’s face like he wanted to hit him, both separated now.”


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