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Guest: The double standard with Aggie Pride and sports

Students must support the men’s and women’s basketball teams in equal measure

Aggie students and fans tend to have this belief and notion that we take pride in and support all of our sport teams, both men and women. Though this is mostly true for Aggie sports, this has certainly not been the case for Aggie Basketball this season. Being a devout fan and follower of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams, I have witnessed firsthand the double standard and hypocrisy when it comes to Aggie Pride.

This season, I have attended and watched four games for the men’s team and five for the women’s team, but what’s a shame to see throughout this season is the lack of attendance for one team versus the daily full-house attendance for the other. Men’s basketball has gotten off to a rough start with the team playing below standards, but have turned their season since Big West play has begun. All the while, they still have a packed house for every home game, regardless of their position in the Big West standings. The men’s team, whose record went to 5-4 in the Big West standings after their triumphant victory over CSU Northridge, had a full house on Feb. 13. This is Aggie pride and greatness — to still come and support our men’s team, which is giving its all for every game.

However, it is disappointing and discouraging to see the Aggie faithful do not come out and attain the same attendance for the women’s team. Having attended a fair number of the women’s games myself at the Pavilion, there is a lack of Aggie students who come out and watch the women play. This is so disheartening and upsetting, considering how brilliant and lights-out this team is playing. As of Mar. 10, our women’s basketball is #1 in the Big West with a 15-1 conference record and a 14 game win streak. We have witnessed some of the greatest basketball in Aggie history this season, yet there is no wide-range support from the Aggie students, who will go all out for the men’s team, but won’t for this successful and triumphant women’s team.

To be absolutely clear here, I am not advocating one team over the other. I am a fan of both the men and women’s teams, but I sincerely believe that Aggie Pride and students needs to show up for our ladies, just as much as they do for the men. The seasons have ended, but I implore all students who love Aggie Basketball — who come and cheer at the roaring Pavilion — to do the same for both teams in the future. It is truly Aggie Pride at its best when the Pavilion is packed and roaring for both our teams. But it’s such a mortification when one team gets more attention and more of a packed crowd over the other.

Both of our teams will be in the Big West tournament starting this weekend with a chance to make it to March Madness and it is the task of the students who are fans of Aggie basketball to come forth, show up and cheer for the men’s as well as the women’s team. Come out and show Aggie pride and support for Aggie Basketball, especially for our ladies!

Written by: Vikram Singh

The writer is a fourth-year history major at UC Davis.
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