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Davis, California

Monday, May 27, 2024

Police Logs

Stranger danger

February 27

“Mediation with granddaughter who is currently moving out of resident and yelling/causing a scene reporting party has AirBnB tenant staying at location and doesn’t want to expose them to granddaughter’s behavior.”

“Open line with faint conversation then x faintly saying she called by mistake.”

“On the bike path behind above location — two car batteries in close proximity to a transient camp. Reporting party concerned the batteries could shock a child. Request they be picked up.”

February 28

“Transient sleeping in the elevator. Request subject be moved along.”

March 2

“Second floor near elevator, male transient playing loud music from boombox.”

“Request advice for legality of what constitutes stalking.”

March 3

“Female subject told employee to ‘keep an eye out for her because she doesn’t know the person’ keeping her company.”

March 4

“Open line with talking heard, no obvious distress.”


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