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9 fun, engaging GE classes to take this spring

A concise list of potential general education courses to take next quarter

For many Aggies, Winter Quarter can be a rough one, both mentally and academically. With Pass two just around the corner for some, The Aggie has compiled a list of interesting (and introductory) classes that are being offered next quarter if you are looking for an extra cushion class or need to fill a general education (GE) requirement.

FTS 3 Introduction to Brewing and Beer

CRN: 74490

GE Credits: SE, SL

Units: 3

This class grants the opportunity to learn more about beer as a “major international beverage.” The class encompasses a detailed description of the inner workings of the brewing business and how brewing processes have been innovated industrially over the years. In addition to the history of brewing, students will gain a better understanding of how science plays a major role in converting barley to beer.

AMS 152 Children in America

CRN: 92321

GE Credits: AH, DD, SS, ACGH, WE

Units: 4

For those looking for an interesting ACGH course, Children in America is a class that deals with the experience of childhood and adolescence in American culture from artistic and social approaches. Through this class, students will be able to examine different instances of disruption of family structures and analyze the cultural and political functions of children and families throughout U.S. history.

FMS 045 Vampires

CRN: 92337

GE Credits: AH, DD, OL, VL, WC, ACGH, WE

Units: 4

For those who enjoy the thrill of horror movies or perhaps are even just die-hard Twilight fans, this might be just the class. Vampires is a class that delves deep into the history of the representations of vampires and horror from the 19th to the 21st century, with an emphasis on the psychology behind horror effects and issues of race and gender. The class includes a three hour film viewing allowing students to analyze these movies for themselves.  

GEL 12 Dinosaurs


GE Credits: SE

Units: 2

Dinosaurs has been a favorite among Davis students for a number of years now. The class is an introductory evolutionary biology class where students learn the principles of paleobiology, ecology and paleoecology using data from excavated dinosaur remains as case studies.

HDE 12 Human Sexuality

CRN: 91983

GE Credits: DD, SS, ACGH

Units: 3

Human Sexuality is a class that uses a biopsychosocial approach to understanding the issues regarding sexuality. Students will be able to learn more about the complex interactions from    psychological and socio-cultural perspectives. This class is intended to give students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their own individual sexuality and what it means to be a sexual being.

PSC 51 Relationship Science

CRN: 88167

GE Credits: SE, SS

Units: 4

What is love? If that’s a question that seems to spark an interest, PSC 51 is a class that deals with the evolutionary perspectives on attraction and close relationships. During this class, students will be able to integrate social, psychological and evolutionary theories with human mating.

VEN 3 Introduction to Wine Making

CRN: 91104

GE Credits: SE, SS

Units: 3

With Napa only an hour away, aspiring wine connoisseurs can gain a better understanding of the principles of viticulture before attending a wine tasting event. Intro to Winemaking is another popular option among undergraduates. Throughout the course, students will be given the opportunity to learn more about wine production as well as the health effects and social context of wine.

HIS 3 History of World Cities

CRN: 76107

GE Credits: AH, SS, WC

Units: 4

History of World Cities surveys 10 major cities in world history, ranging from the urban settlements of thousands of years ago to the megacities seen in years to come. Each week, students will be able to focus on one city and examine urban life, mapping, infographics and historical research. Instead of midterms and final exams, students are graded by applying the knowledge they gain from class in a research project about a city of their choice.

MUS 116 Music of the Beatles

CRN: 81450

GE Credits: AH, VL, WC

Units: 4

The Beatles recorded together for over seven years and released 13 albums in addition to a multitude of hit singles. During that short period, the band sold more records than any other group in history. This course surveys the music of The Beatles, focusing on the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney and emphasizing their evolution as musicians and their musical influence on international culture.

Written by: Sneha Ramachandran — features@theaggie.org


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