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Police Logs: Move along

March 29

“Subject sleeping in middle of upstairs walkway between businesses on west side, required he be moved along.”

“Complaint of transient male smoking marijuana outside business windows and reporting party/coworkers unable to open windows due to smell, required he be moved along.”

“Open line with female talking in high pitch voice, then disconnect.”

March 30

“Reporting party’s security lights came on, reporting party went to look outside and saw three other homes with their motion security lights on as well. Requested officer drive through.”

“Male stating he feels bad about something.”

“Transient female sitting on the porch refusing to leave.”

“Vehicle driving erratically—stopping/slowing and crossing over the lines.”

March 31

“Male subject causing disturbance inside the store—picking up decorative items and refusing to put them down.”

April 1

“Reporting party states male subject currently crouched in the bushes outside her window with a bike and tools. Reporting party is concerned subject may have stolen the bike or trying to remove bike parts.”

April 2

“Male subject standing in the car lot yelling and disrupting business. Reporting party can’t understand what he is saying. Request he be moved along.”

“Two transients refusing to leave the property and playing loud music. Request they be moved along.”


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