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Davis, California

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Police Logs

It’s the bee’s knees

April 11

“Heard faint hello, reporting party unable to hear me.”

“Reporting party tried to get subject to leave. Subject left leaving all of his belongings at the apartment including his wallet. Subject wandered around and then tried to come back inside, reporting party/roommates would not let him in.”

April 12

“Loud party with amplified music/bass; unknown on exact address.”

April 13

“Son playing with phone, negative emergency.”

April 14

“Swarm of bees in the nearby storm drain.”

“Reporting party requesting assistance with cones or barricades of the nearby storm drain because of a swarm of bees that have been aggressive with passing.”

“Bees swarming around a rock near rose bushes.”

April 15

“Dumpsters pulled out from fenced in area, reporting party believes subject sleeping behind them.”

April 16

“Outdoor exercise group making excessive noise by dropping weights since 5:30. Reporting party would like officer contact after situation has been assessed.”


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