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Sayonara seniors!

Graduating seniors express nostalgic feelings during their final quarter

College is often referred to as the “best four years of your life,” and they go by too soon. In a few short months our seniors will leave the comfort of our quirky campus and make their way into the “adult world,” but before they leave they have a few nostalgic moments they would like to share.

Fourth-year genetics and genomics major Cole Williams has lived in Davis since he was 5. Williams explained why he chose to further his academic career in Davis.

“Both my parents graduated from UC Davis […] so it was kind of a no brainer,” Williams said. “The city of Davis is a perfect college town and I didn’t want to leave. Everyone I knew who went to UC Davis had nothing bad to say about their experience, I didn’t think twice about attending.”

One of Williams’ favorite memories took place during his freshman year.

“It was pouring rain and my friend and I decided to swim in the Arboretum,” Williams said. “ It was actually really clean because it has been raining so much, kinda like swimming in a swimming pool.”

Over the past four years Williams explained how he has gained confidence both socially and academically. Williams elaborated about his time working in various genetic labs and the lessons he learned.

“It sounds cliché, but the most important lesson I learned is to follow your passion,” Williams said. “When you’re passionate about something, it is easier to succeed and it feels better when you do succeed. My sophomore and junior year I was working in a lab doing work I was not passionate about and it showed. Now I work in a lab and am so passionate about my work; it has opened up so many opportunities for me.”

Following graduation, Williams plans to apply to Ph.D. programs in the fall. Williams spoke on his feelings toward leaving the college town bubble.

“I’m excited to graduate and start working,” Williams said. “[But] I am sad to leave Davis, I’ve been here almost my entire life and I feel so at home here. There is truly no place like Davis in the world, so I know wherever I go it will be a new experience, which is both exciting and scary at the same time.”

Williams offered some sincere advice to incoming freshman and returning students alike.

“Don’t do things just because you think they’ll look good on a resume,” Williams said. “Do things that you truly want to do. If you don’t want to do research, don’t do it; if you don’t want to work in a clinic, don’t do it. People are impressed by passion — graduate schools, employers want passionate people, not robots with a laundry list of activities.”

Danielle McCabe, a fourth-year economics major, will be moving to Austin in the fall to work for technology company Box. Although excited for the future, McCabe disclosed her feelings of nostalgia as she begins her last quarter at Davis. McCabe explained how she has changed during her time in college.

“I’ve become so much more aware of myself and what I stand for,” McCabe said. “I was extremely impressionable freshman year and oftentimes I found myself [doing] things everyone else was going even when the situations that weren’t making me happy. As I have gotten older I have realized that I’m someone that likes to have a blast, go out with friends and be a goof, but I [also] sometimes just want a movie night by myself and that’s not something to be ashamed of.”

McCabe’s newfound independence and sense of self is one of the many lessons she learned at university.

“I think to sum it up, I have learned how to honor my feelings and passions,” McCabe said.

When prompted with the question, “What do you think the most underrated thing about Davis is?” McCabe gave a wholehearted answer.

“The people,” McCabe said. “There are amazing humans that walk the campus and I truly believe that this small cow town is full of some of the most kind-hearted, down to earth and driven people. Sure, we may not be nationally ranked for every sport or every academic program, but we have exceptional people and that’s what makes our school a truly hidden gem.”

Written by: Sneha Ramachandran — features@theaggie.org


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