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Say cheese: Classic photo locations for graduating seniors

Detailing some of the most popular spots on campus to take graduation photos

UC Davis Signs

There are two iconic spots for students to take graduation photos that encapsulate UC Davis – the UC Davis sign on A street and on Russell Boulevard. Especially for students hoping to capture a bit of the school in their photo, these spots are some of the best places to take photos. It’s also a great spot to take photos with friends, sitting on or posing near the brick signs.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum spans across the entirety of UC Davis’ campus and is another one of the most iconic spots in Davis to take photos come graduation. There are a multitude of options in taking photos, whether it’s by the river, by blossoming flowers or at the gazebo. In the spring, make sure to head to the arboretum at the appropriate time to catch it in the peak of its bloom.

The Promenade

Most graduating students have trekked up and down this street profusely during their time at UC Davis. It’s one of the most iconic streets to pass going to and from classes and is staged right by one of the most populated areas on campus, sandwiched between the Memorial Union and Wellman. In springtime, the trees arch over the promenade, making it one of the most picturesque spots on campus to grab a few photos.

Campus Eggheads

It’s classic UC Davis tradition to rub an egghead for good luck, whether it’s the egghead by Shields Library, Mrak Hall, the Art Building or one of several others. It may also serve some good luck to add an Egghead to your graduation photoshoot, capturing one of the quintessential Davis oddities in your photos.

Personal Iconic Spots

Understandably by the end of your college career at UC Davis, you may have a few spots in Davis that hold some sentimental value to you. If you’ve spent hours in the library cramming before finals, all of your time at the CoHo drinking coffee or quarter after quarter in the same building for all of your major classes, consider taking some photos at one of those iconic spots that took up so much of your time at UC Davis!

Written by: Alyssa Hada –– features@theaggie.org


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