44.8 F

Davis, California

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Police Logs

Flip flops with socks, a violation

April 25

“Daughter under the influence, throwing items up on the roof, was beating the garage and causing a disturbance. Currently banging on the front door.”

April 26

“Sounds of walking. No sounds of distress.”

April 27

“Request assistance with asking subject to leave, has been told in the past not to use electrical outlets and subject has become agitated/aggressive with staff.”

“Intoxicated male wandering in the street yelling at passerbyers, shaved head, multicolored blue shirt and blue jeans, flip flops with white socks.”

“Ex-wife at the front of house knocking on door and window.”

April 30

“Laundry room had sign with picture of male saying if he is seen to call Davis Police Department — similar looking male inside gym area with multiple bottles of alcohol.”


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