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Review: Mac DeMarco, in concert

With the release of new album “Here Comes the Cowboy,” DeMarco stops in Sacramento as part of North American tour

Last week, half of the Arts and Culture Desk saw Mac DeMarco perform at Ace of Spades in Sacramento, Calif. Here are our thoughts.

Liz Jacobson:

I’ve seen a lot of great concerts this year, but Mac DeMarco’s concert is easily a contender for the best. His charisma and personality made me blush. He is definitely someone I would want as my beer die partner. So comfortable on stage in his gym shorts and cowboy hat, as he grinned ear-to-ear; I swayed with my friends to his “jizz jazz” style music and Bob Dylan-like voice. “My Kind of Woman” was everything I wanted it to be and more. While the band’s dynamic was interesting (Mac DeMarco often took the backseat to his bandmates’ antics), his passion for his music radiated. Mac DeMarco ended the show by having the entire crowd sit down so he could sing us a lullaby, “Watching him Fade Away.”

Clay Allen Rogers:

The Good: After Mac Demarco and friends performed a series of classic hits from “Salad Days,” “This Old Dog” and “Another One,” he broke out the haggard cowboy hat and hit some funky-country jams from his new album “Here Comes the Cowboy.” After his performance, he disappeared backstage for about 10 minutes until he responded to the crowds chants (“ENCORE! ENCORE!”) by turning the lights low, commanding everybody to “sit down and be calm” and performing “Watching him Fade Away,” a sentimental piece about a fading father and son relationship.

The Bad: Getting denied access to the bar because I picked up an empty beer can on the street and threw it away in the recycling bin outside of Ace of Spades. According to the arbiter at the door, those are the signs of pregaming. Thanks guy, I’ll stick to the psychedelics.

The Ugly: The Jimmy Page lookalike hitting a five-minute, one-note guitar solo that raised the hands of the crowd up and over their ears. Please send a memo: on a 24-fret guitar, there are a total of 49 notes.

Caroline Rutten:

Mac Demarco’s stage presence was beautiful, displaying both his total goofball personality and infectious charisma in perfect coexistence. I banged my head as much as I hugged my close friends around me; watching “My Kind of Woman” performed live will stay with me for a while. Also, his long-hair, barefoot electric guitarist was a show in his own right. And my future husband.

Rosie Schwarz:

Mac Demarco’s performance at the Ace of Spades was the best show I have been to at that venue because of the sound, energy and audience. As someone who just released an album, DeMarco could have focused only on his new songs; instead he chose to play a long, expansive set which ranged from fan favorites to songs that had been released just a few days prior to the show. Everyone was entranced by DeMarco’s goofy yet passionate stage presence and catchy music, and once the show ended, everyone was still in awe by the incredible performance they had witnessed.

Written by: Arts and Culture Desk — arts@theaggie.org


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