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CCLASS hosts Patio De Colores

The colorful event has come to an end

The Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success held their final Patio De Colores of the quarter on Friday, May 17. Patio de Colores was a weekly event that took place every Friday from 12 to 2 p.m. outside of the CCLASS on the patio. Students were able to take time from their busy schedules to paint their worries away.

The supplies included a variety of paints, brushes and mixed paper. Umbrellas were set up to give students shade and Samantha Monter, a fifth-year studio art and theatre and dance double major, led the way as an instructor. Every week had a different theme to it. This past Friday, the theme was positive affirmations. The small crowd drew a colorful background and were encouraged to write words of positivity that put a smile on their face. While most students followed the theme, some took this last day as an opportunity to paint freely.

“I wasn’t trying to do anything complicated like Bob Ross landscapes,” Monter said. “[The goal] is to just have everybody chill out, zone out for a bit. And painting is just a nice way to get lost.”

Roxana Reyes, a Community Advising Network counselor, said she came up with the idea for Patio de Colores and was happy with the overwhelming support and participation.

“Painting has a way of requiring an artist to be adaptable, flexible, fluid and free,” Reyes said. “The colors flow together and we see meaning as all the unpredictable lines intersect. This is much like life. Whatever we intend, we sometimes need to practice flexibility and positive mindset as we experience the outcome of our choices.”

The name, while clever, also has meaning behind it.

“[The name] Patio de Colores seemed to communicate the image of color, creativity, freedom and joy that we were hoping to achieve in hosting the event,” Reyes said.

The stress-free event allowed students to use as many resources as they would like.

“Painting supplies are costly for students and preparation and clean-up can be time consuming,” Reyes said. “I didn’t want students to have to worry about that. I wanted them to be able to come, enjoy themselves and not have to worry about setting up or cleaning up.”

Patio de Colores took six weeks to plan, but with positive attitudes, the CCLASS team was able to set it in motion for Spring Quarter. With roughly 25 students, Patio de Colores gifted the students were a complimentary canvas.

“I proposed the idea of Patio de Colores to our CCLASS staff and students,” Reyes said. “I wanted to help create a space on campus that would encourage students to socially engage, practice self care and explore art as a means of expression.”

Reyes spoke to students and asked around to find the best fit for an instructor when she found Monter. Although Monter is still a student, Reyes spoke positively about her contributions.

“She was exciting to work with,” Reyes said. “I truly appreciated the joy she brought to the space and how assuring and positive she was in her coaching”.

Monter mentioned that painting has always helped her de-stress.

“When I go home, I’ll be painting on my own things that aren’t assignments,” Monter said. “And that’s just how to de-stress. Kind of like how people listen to music or read a book. So I wanted to bring that here.”

Although the last Patio de Colores was her first one, Reina Garza, a fourth-year cognitive science major, said she wanted to go since the event was announced.

“I’m really artistic and I haven’t really drawn in a while so it was something fun to do,” Garza said.

As the quarter comes to an end, Monter reflected on her time at UC Davis and how similar events have shaped her.

“These kinds of events are important for the university because they impact student’s emotions,” Monter said. “This event had led to much positivity and unity at the university. As the instructor, it was nice to see strangers become friends and laugh over conversations while making art. It brings people together to do something wholesome.”

The event will return in the spring of 2020.

Written by: Itzelth Gamboa — arts@theaggie.org


  1. Thank you to Roxana for conceptualizing the idea and for Sammy for implementing it. Thank you to all the students and staff at CCLASS who made it possible.


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