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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Tha Dirt Feelin

A local Davis band returns to Central Park with new energy

During Spring Quarter, students and Davis residents attend the Wednesday Farmer’s Market to enjoy fresh produce, food booths, Central Park and the different musical acts that play. The bands bring a similar energy of relaxing covers and family friendly music that are great to dance to or enjoy as background music to your conversation. Recently, however, local band Tha Dirt Feelin returned to the Farmer’s Market after a long hiatus and brought a newfound energy to the beautiful night atmosphere.

Tha Dirt Feelin is a local band, described by the Davis Enterprise as “the local kings of funk and soul, with a style that lies somewhere between Parliament Funkadelic and early Red Hot Chili Peppers.” However, beyond the band’s extremely catchy and relatable songs is the contagious energy that both their music and band members bring to the stage. The band’s lead singer Marque Cass will often take a moment to let his band jam without him as he dances, goes off stage and chats with his fans.

Looking around, many people dancing near the stage can be seen sporting tie-dye “Tha Dirt Feelin” shirts. It’s apparent that, unlike many of the other bands which sometimes serve as more ambient music, Tha Dirt Feelin has an extensive fan base. While some of the songs that Tha Dirt Feelin perform are covers and mashups, their unique style and energy provide the perfect mixture of familiarity and originality. Those dancing are able to sing the words to the songs but can easily adapt to the creative changes Tha Dirt Feelin adds.

Beyond the band’s energy, it’s apparent that Tha Dirt Feelin has spent years getting to know the Davis community. The band explains they met “by chance at school in Davis, California almost eight years ago. The music came from random jam sessions and turned into shows at Harlows and Torch Club in Sacramento, Sauced in Livermore, Davis Farmer’s Market and large stages like Whole Earth Festival and more.”

For those who have missed Tha Dirt Feelin’s latest performance, they actively post on Facebook and Instagram about their whereabouts. They are constantly engaging with their fans and making new music. Keep an eye out for this incredibly energetic and unique band; they are guaranteed to make your day.
Written By: Rosie Schwarz — arts@theaggie.org


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