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New Starbucks opens on F Street across from previous location

New location provides more space for customers

A new Starbucks sign was displayed across the street from another Starbucks, leaving the two coffee shops from the same company facing each other downtown on F Street. As construction began, it became noticeable that these stores were actually very different in terms of size and style.

Rather than having two Starbucks locations so close together, however, the old one was torn down and closed off, as a new business would soon replace it. The newer Starbucks mimics the layout of the local popular coffee shop, Philz. Many customers explained that the new Starbucks is outdoing the older one, both in style and satisfaction.

“I love it, it is way bigger and better for studying,” said Mckenna Moriarty, a fourth-year communication major. “I could never go to the old Starbucks because there was no place or room to study. I thought of the other as more of a “grab-and-go” spot. Also, there are way more outlets so you can plug in your laptops. It is refreshing to have a new study space downtown.”

Although the larger space is being utilized by students and residents, employees felt otherwise about the changes that were made when switching to the new location.

“When I spoke to a barista while checking out, he mentioned that it’s been difficult to sustain the increase in business and larger store,” said Dani McCabe, a fourth-year economics major. “He also noted that no new employees were hired to support this move.”

McCabe mentioned that the barista mistook her drink order, but the barista allowed her to keep it while also remaking the new coffee. The increase in customers was said to overwhelm the staff, which consists of the same amount of people.

Besides an increase in space, the new Starbucks offers the nitro cold brew and communal sinks.

All in all, as this new Starbucks opens its doors to the public, the previous location remains vacant. The California Aggie reached out to the manager and employees of the new Starbucks location but was unable to receive a response, as the manager said the overall corporation media relations dealt with questions, and that employees working for the company were not permitted to give statements.

Written by: Lauren Tropio — city@theaggie.org


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